Dawit Getachew


Name: Dawit Getachew
Education: Diploma
Company name: F 8 Printing Press
Studio title: Owner/Manager
Founded: November, 2012
What it does: Printing and Advertising
HQ: Around Redwan Building, 200 meters from Crema Café, Bole Medhanealem
Number of employees: 2
Startup capital: 200,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Owning a business frees you from being employed and enables you to create jobs
Biggest plus of ownership: Satisfaction
Biggest strength: I’m committed to whatever I happen to be doing
Biggest weakness: I’m often restless when I’m not doing anything
Biggest worry: Shortage of printing materials and accessories in the market
Favorite task: Printing
Most challenging task: Obtaining quality materials to use for my company
Plan: To open up other branches and introduce the latest printing technology into the country
First career: IT Technician
Most interested in meeting: Actress Christina Milian
Most admired person: My mentor, Fitsum Birhanu
Stress reducer: Being alone
Favorite pastime: Watching films
Favorite book: The Secret
Favorite destination: Brazil
Favorite automobile: V8 Land Cruiser
Favorite film: ‘Love don’t cost a thing’

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