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The Ethiopian Kaizen Institute awarded nine enterprises for excellence in the implementation of ‘Kaizen’ (Japanese for improvement) on Saturday at the Sheraton Addis. Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory, Metehara Sugar Factory and Addis Modjo Edible Oil Complex were among those that received the award for excellence. Speaking on the occasion, Mekonnen Manyazewal, the Minister of Industry, stated: “This is just the beginning; more effort will be exerted to properly implement Kaizen methodologies in all industrial institutions.” Getahun Tadesse, Director General of the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute, said Kaizen methodologies are being implemented in 108 institutions across Ethiopia.
“The Kaizen institute mainly does two things. One is building the human capacity of the institute through some technical support from the Japanese government. Two is working with manufacturing companies, providing them with trainings on how to implement the Kaizen philosophy,” Getahun stated.
Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory, one of the recipients of Kaizen Institute’s excellence award, managed to save over 55.6 million birr through its implementation of the philosophy. Similarly, Metehara Sugar Factory also saved over 35.5 million birr using the plan. “Some of the things we can learn from the accomplishments of the awarded companies is that, if there is a proper way of managing workers and if there is a clearly set goal and vision, the desire to achieve more will be established, paving the way for better production,” Getahun stated.
He also said that there needs to be a system that harmonizes the working relationship of the management body and employees in a company. The Institute’s Director also said that the institute will work hard on building its capacity further to be able to reach more companies in the future.
The award ceremony also included Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) as well as mid-level enterprises. Among SMEs, S3 General Home & Office Furniture, Hailu Abera Wood & Metal Works Enterprise and Daniel General Wood Works Enterprise were honored and from mid-level enterprises, Zemily Paint Factory, Benigat Mechanical Engineering S.C and Excel Plastics Plc received the award.