Inflation rise in June


The Central Statistics Agency (CSA) monthly inflation report indicated that the percentage of inflation rate for June showed relatively significant increase for the first time since it began registering a slow decrease over the last year.
The June 2013 consumer price index indicated that the monthly inflation rate was 7.4% and has shown a 1.1% rise from 6.3% in May. Non-food item prices have shown significant change compared to May 2013 data.
According to the CSA monthly report, June non food price index was at 11.9%;   in May it was 9.8%. Even though food inflation registered increment in June, the rise was lower when compared with non-food inflation. According to the report, food inflation in June was registered at 3.7%, which was 3.4% in May.
In May, general inflation had also registered a 0.2% increment on the 6.1% recorded on the April consumer price index report. In May, rise in food prices was the reason for the 3.4% inflation, which was 1.6% in April, while non-food inflation showed a slight decrease from 11.5% in April to 9.8% in May.     
At the beginning of the past fiscal year (July 2012), the monthly general inflation was a 21.5% and it registered continuous decrement from September 2012 onwards to drop to a single digit.
The June report indicated that the country level overall inflation rate rose. The annual change, which shows the 12 months moving average inflation rate and provides pointers to longer term inflationary situations, rose by 13.5%. in June 2013 as compared to the one observed in a similar period a year ago.
The country level food inflation increased by 12.6% as compared to the one observed a year ago and the country level non-food inflation rate increased by 14.8% in June 2013 as compared to the one observed in June 2012.