Omicron launches high quality CHiNT products showroom

Omicron Engineering Plc set up eye catching showroom for high quality CHiNT electric products. Abiy Mulat, general manager of the company says Omicron wants to change the society’s attitude towards Chinese products and narrow the gap between CHiNT product consumers and distributors of the product. 

According to Abiy “a lot of fake or substandard products of CHiNT products are being supplied in the Ethiopian market.” These phony or substandard electric products have multiple adverse effects to both consumers and the country’s economy, he told Capital. “For one thing, they are imported with the much needed foreign currency. For another, they don’t last long or they easily break while working, they also cause damage to other significant and high value products of the consumer,” he told Capital.

Many people believe these substandard products are only from China which is totally wrong, according to Abiy.  What matters as far as quality is concerned is the purchasing power says Abiy. “There are very high quality products in China whose price we can’t even afford,” he said. “It is not where it came from that matters but the quality of the product. What matters very much is whether we agree to buy the good quality or the substandard one.”

He recommended that business people who bring products from elsewhere in the world should be responsible while choosing what to buy and bring to the Ethiopian market; as what they choose to spend their money on is also the money of the public. “We all should have the knowhow of what we do and be responsible at our best,” he cautioned.

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