Hanna Yosef


Name: Hanna Yosef
Education: Diploma in Accounting
Company name: Eliana Building Materials Shop
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2010
What it does: Sale of building materials

HQ: On the road behind Bole Medhanialem Church
Number of employees: 2
Startup capital: 10,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing


Reason for starting business: To become independent
Biggest plus of ownership: You are free to do what you want and don’t need to depend on the salary you receive if you are employed
Biggest strength: Encouraging and helping employees to realize their dreams of becoming independent and I’m quite open and friendly
Biggest weakness: I’m not an early riser
Biggest worry: I have no worries
Favorite task: I love to do anything that brings in money
Most challenging task: Finding storage for all my materials
Plan: To expand my business and open branches
First career: Accountant in a building materials shop
Most interested in meeting: No one in particular
Most admired person: Abebech Gobena
Stress reducer: Shopping
Favorite pastime: Spending time with friends
Favorite book: I like reading historical books in general
Favorite destination: Canada
Favorite automobile: Toyota Vitz
Favorite film: I love all romantic films