Housing Agency served Gebrewahid eviction notice

The Government Housing Agency sent an eviction letter to Gebrewahid Gebregiorgis, former Deputy Director of ERCA and Head of Law Enforcement of the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), while still behind bars on alleged corruption. The Housing Agency, instructed him to hand over, within 20 days, the residential house provided for his use while he was a government official.
In a court hearing held on July 18, Gebrewahid vehemently protested the eviction notice, saying that his children have nowhere to go. He also insisted that he was not found guilty and should not be evicted from the house until he is proven guilty.
Gebrewahid further requested the court to grant his wife, Colonel Haimanot Tefaye, bail right, but the court rejected his appeal.
During the court hearing, lawyers charged the 11 individuals that are assembled under the case of Gebrewahid and et.al claimed that the investigators had had sufficient time to conclude their investigations and that the Court should grant bail to their clients under custody without additional delay. The investigation team informed the court once again that it hasn’t completed its investigations.
The Court granted the investigators another 10 days to conclude their investigations to press charges on the suspects listed under the case files of Gebrewahid et.al.
During the hearing of the case file of Melaku Fenta et.al, the court also granted the investigators a further 10 days to complete their work.
During the hearing held on Friday July 19, lawyers of the suspects presented their complaints to the court, saying that their clients should be released on bail. The lawyers further said that the court should not grant the investigators further time. However, the investigators explained what they have done until now and requested the court for an extension.
The court granted them 10 days and, based on the strong objection and argument presented by the investigation team, declined bail to the suspects.
The number of alleged corruption suspects under custody has currently reached 58, charged under 6 case files.

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