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The Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) is installing new traffic lights in four junctions.

The authority’s plan is eventually to install traffic lights in 14 junctions throughout the capital to upgrade the existing traffic lights in the city.
The authority tendered the bid for the installation of the traffic lights in 14 junctions across Addis Ababa. It had budgeted 30 million birr for this, according to sources. Some 10 companies from around the world gathered to bid for the tender. The junctions were selected as there are no expansion projects close to them, according to Fekade Haile (Eng.), Director General of AACRA.
The authority awarded the contract to U.E International Trading and to a joint venture (JV) of two companies from Ethiopia and South Africa. “AACRA will pay out 11 million birr for both bid winners,” Fekade told Capital.
U.E took the contract for the installation of traffic lights at four junctions, while the joint venture won the bid for the installation of traffic lights at the other 10 junctions, according to Fekade.
U.E started installing the lights at the four junctions including around National Theatre, Kazanchis around the Intercontinental Hotel, around Atlas Hotel and on the road from Mexico to Teklehaimanot. The JV is due to finish the installation by September this year, Fekade told Capital.
All over the city, there are 30 traffic junctions. Most of the traffic lights in these junctions, however, are in poor condition and only one of them – the one around the National Theatre – frequently works, leaving the burden to traffic controllers. Besides their poor condition, the former traffic lights do not consider lanes with higher congestion or longer lines. They are not therefore efficient enough to release them in accordance with demand and they needed to be turned off as a result.   The new traffic lights are due to lessen both the burden on the traffic police as well as the congestion.
The city’s road authority budgeted 30 million birr for the installation of these traffic lights. Delegates from AACRA and the Federal Transport Authority (FTA) and a local company paid a visit to observe traffic light technology in Durban.