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Coach Tsegaye Kidanemariam resigned, after just a single season with Ethiopian Coffee, by mutual agreement with club officials. Zelalem Shiferaw is back in the Premier League side Sidama Coffee for a second spell.
According to our sources, Tsegaye had a long discussion with club officials, but at last they came out to announce that they had major differences and had agreed to disagree. Tsegaye had argued that he should be the one to select new players for the club and was willing to be held accountable for the performance and results of his selected team at the end of the season. But club officials have apparently disagreed, saying that the selection of players was not his job; rather he was apparently told to just coach whoever they decided to bring in and thus will not be responsible for the final result. Tsegaye is presently looking for a new team to coach and Ethiopian Coffee lost its third coach in three consecutive seasons; what a travesty for Ethiopian Coffee. The former Trans Ethiopia, later Harar Brewery coach, Tsegaye is said to be favored to take on Commercial Bank once again, replacing Wubetu Abate who left for Sudan.  
Zelalem Shiferaw’s departure from Hawassa Town was unexpected among football fans, for many of them believed he had formed a strong side this season, combining veteran players with new faces the likes of Abega and Bereket, bringing back Mulugeta Mehret (team skipper and former National team player) to his old form, and finishing fifth in the League.  Zelalem opted to return to his old club, Sidama Bunna, which got rid of former Bank, Defense & Dire Dawa Town coach, Ashenafi Bekele.  Finishing ninth in the league with just 28 points from 26 matches, the lowest ever achievement in the club’s short history in the upper tier, the club decided to bring back the coach who helped the team attain promotion to the Premier League three seasons back.
According to our sources, Zelalem signed a two-year contract with Sidama and also took some big name players with him, starting speculations that the side might be a strong contender next season.