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The Documents and Registration Office (DARO) handled 150,000 more customers and collected 18 million birr more than it had planned during the last year. It said it expected to handle around 400,000 cases during the year, but it actually handled more than 440,000. It anticipated dealing with 745,000 customers, when in fact it dealt with slightly fewer than 900,000.
The amount of money collected was also considerably higher than the office had anticipated, with 148 million birr paid to the office, compared with an anticipated 136 million.
The rise in cases from the previous year is dramatic. This year’s figures show a 44,000 or 11 per cent rise in the number of cases handled, compared with figures from 2011/12.
Similar rises were recorded in the number of customers handled (17 per cent), money collected (27 per cent) and money paid directly to the government (29 per cent).
The office aims to earn more than half a billion birr in the last year of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).
The office credits its growth this year to the government’s free market economic policy, a growing number of customers for its services domestically and from the diaspora and the quality of the service it offers.
In addition, the office has added two more branches to the eight it previously operated.
They provide services to almost 3,500 customers a day, including people using the DARO website – people registering online need to come to a DARO office only to have their application notarized, making the process easier and faster, according to DARO officials.
In the next fiscal year, DARO plans to handle more than half a million cases, more than 1.5 million customers and collect 160 million birr. Around 120 million birr from this total will be directly injected to government.
Though the real achievement of the organization for this year is yet to be seen, DARO is regarded as a vanguard organization in the country where organizational change has undertaken to deliver quality services through Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and latter Balanced Scorecard (BSC), changes that would be hard to envisage without the commitment of leaders running the office and the environment that the government has created for businesses to operate in a free market system.