Peace-Keeping Training Center established


An international institute for training peace-keepers is to be opened in Ethiopia.
The institute, which will be set up in collaboration between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ethiopian government, will serve as a training facility for peace-keeping organizations within and around East Africa.
The center will equip peace-keepers and institutions with advanced skills in conflict analysis (applied research), training design and peace-building interventions.
The Japanese government is set to provide almost $15 million for the establishment of the institute.
The facility will be instrumental in offering training for African peace-keeping assignments.
Ahmed Shide, State Minister of Finance and Economic Development, said the facility will be crucial to ensuring the readiness of future Ethiopian peace-keeping forces.
The UNDP says the facility is a token of the UN’s support aimed at bolstering Africa’s peace-keeping capabilities.
Japanese Ambassador Hiroyiki Kishno said he shared the UN’s objective of enabling Africa to creating able peace keeping forces.
The Ethiopian Ministry of Defence Force will oversee the process of establishing the peace keeping training facility.