Aychew Sintayehu


Name: Aychew Sintayehu
Education: 10th grade
Company name: Bright Tailor
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2013
What it does: Produce and sell uniforms and various clothing items
HQ: Near Redwan Building, on the road to Bole Medhanialem
Number of employees: 3

Startup capital: 1,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: It’s better than being employed by someone else
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables you to generate your own income and the freedom is great
Biggest strength: I consider myself mentally strong and capable of achieving what I set out to accomplish
Biggest weakness: I’m sensitive and sometimes get angry easily 
Biggest worry: I worry about satisfying my customers’ demands
Favorite task: I love to sew
Most challenging task: I haven’t found anything so far

Plan: To expand in the garment business
First career: Employee at a garment shop
Most interested in meeting: Gedion Zelalem, the young 16 year old Ethiopian football player, currently playing for Arsenal
Most admired person: Teddy (Afro) Kassahun
Stress reducer: I love being alone when stressed out
Favorite pastime: Travelling out of the city
Favorite book: Dertogada, an Amharic novel by Yismake Worku
Favorite destination: Hawassa
Favorite automobile: Chevrolet
Favorite film: I love all action films