Ministry to set up industrial zone through joint venture

An Israeli company, Eshet Engineering Ltd, and the Ministry of Industry (MoI) formed a company through a joint venture to set up an industrial zone in the town of Kombolcha, Amhara Regional state.
The Kombolcha Industrial Zone will be constructed on 1,000 hectares and will be used to host prioritized export-oriented sectors, such as textile and garment, leather and leather products, agro-based industries, among others. The government has prepared about 1,123 hectares for industry zone development in Kombolcha. According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) the two parties signed, MoI will own 5 percent of all the rights of the industry zone while Eshet will own the rest. According to their agreement, MoI will provide the plot at its own cost, facilitate the evacuation of users of the land, settle compensation for those evacuated, and will provide the infrastructure for the area such as electricity, telecommunication and water supply among other things.
On its part, Eshet will cover all the costs related to design and construction of all types of infrastructure and superstructures being erected at the industrial zone.
Sisay Gemechu, State Minister of MoI responsible for the industry sector in the Ministry, signed the MoU with representatives of the Israeli company on August 6. Eshet Engineering Ltd. was founded by Doron Oz, a civil engineer who graduated from the Technion Institute in Haifa. Since then, his company has conducted design and planning work for official governmental offices, industrial factories and various entrepreneurs in Israel and overseas. The company has three offices specializing in design and engineering: Eshet Structural Engineering, which focuses on the design of concrete and steel structures; Eshet Roads and Traffic Engineering, which focuses on the physical design of roads and highways and Eshet Engineering services that deals with financial support for projects.

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