Ethiocentric is all about Ethiopia

If you are an Ethiopian who has interesting and entertaining stories to tell about things related to Ethiopia, and if you have the ability to put it in writing in a way that would captivate readers, may just be the website that you should logging on to next time you are online.
This website has been shared around on social Media, such as facebook, by many who have become sort of addicted to it.
Obviously, there are many other similar websites focusing on similar content, but most of them do not have people making regular contributions. When visiting this particular website, you get a variety of topics to choose from, such as music, poetry, videos, pictures and so on. Currently, the website has put up a variety of stories focusing on issues such as copyright and how this term almost means nothing to Ethiopian film makers. It has stories that are witty and sarcastic if you are an Ethiopian or has been living in Ethiopia and know the culture well, you can really relate to it. Reading some of the stories puts you in a reminiscing and nostalgic mood.
Are you a poet without an audience of reader fan base? Now you can share with the world what you have been working on while no one is watching. Have you taken a picture recently that you wished you could share (besides on facebook and related websites, that is)? Again, this website is where you should go. has a home feel to it; just like old radio programs that one couldn’t wait to tune into. This makes it worth checking out.