Yordanos Asmelash

Name: Yordanos Asmelash
Education: B.A in Business Management
Company name: Spring Supermarket
Studio title: Assistant Manager
Founded: 1988
What it does: Sale of various items 
HQ: In front of Sheger Building, on the road to Bole Medhanialem
Number of employees: 21
Startup capital: 50,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To support my Family
Biggest plus of ownership: It provides you with the means to help others achieve their goals and lead a fruitful life 
Biggest strength: Encouraging others to do better
Biggest weakness: Communicating efficiently with people
Biggest worry: Not having enough time to accomplish everything I want to do
Favorite task: To help others develop to become useful citizens, especially young people
Most challenging task: Communicating with certain people who misunderstood me completely
Plan: To open up more branches
First career: Biochemist
Most interested in meeting: None
Most admired person: My Father
Stress reducer: I do something completely different from the one I am doing at the moment
Favorite pastime: Going to church
Favorite book: Strategic Management
Favorite destination: United Kingdom
Favorite automobile: I prefer airplanes
Favorite film:
“The Passion”

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