Federal Government of Somalia recognizes Interim Jubba Administration


The Federal Government of Somalia formally recognized the Interim Jubba Administration in an agreement signed between the two parties in Addis Ababa on Wednesday.

Leaders and representatives of the two administrations met in Addis to discuss issues including federalizing Somalia, administration of infrastructure, management of security forces, reconciliation and confidence building, according to Ambassador Dina Mufti, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).
After 48 days of discussion between the two administrations with the support of the international community, especially Ethiopia that chairs both the Intergovernmental Authority on Development and the African Union, they agreed on reconciliation and confidence-building measures between themselves and to improve the lives of Somalis.  
Tedros Adhanom (Dr.), the Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that for Somali citizens this agreement would bring about the peace and development they deserve.
“Somalis deserve reconciliation; they deserve peace and they deserve development in all aspects,” he said at the signing ceremony.  
Under the agreement, the federal government has agreed to recognize the Interim Jubba administration that rules over the Lower, Upper and Middle Shebelle areas for two years, according to Dina.
“Following the agreement, discussions and dialogues that will lead the two parties to a federation structure will be conducted internationally,” he said.
The parties also agreed that infrastructure, including the Port of Kismayo and Jubba Airport, should be administered by the federal government. This particular issue took about a week to resolve, according to Dina.
The agreement stipulates that transparency in administering the port and airport, especially concerning revenue, was the key.  
Furthermore, militias under the Interim Jubba Administration will join the federal security force, while Jubba will have its own police force.
In regards to reconciliation and confidence building, with the assistance of the international community, the two parties will hold international dialogues and discussions to resolve various issues as per the agreement.
The fruitful discussion, which came after decades of disagreement, was conducted in accordance with the following; the constitution of the federal government, the sovereignty of Somalia, and with a common understanding of fighting Al Shabab, said Dina.
The spokesperson stated that this particular agreement will play a vital role in moves to federalize Somalia. “It will be a showcase for other parts of the country to support federation,” he said.