Gov’t rents 500,000 br/month mansion for outgoing president


The Office of the President is in the process of leasing a mansion for the outgoing president Girma Woldegiorgis with a monthly rate of 500,000 birr, Capital learnt.

Reliable sources indicated that the presidential office has already finalized the proper documentation process at the head office of the Documentation and Authentication Registration Office (DARO) early this week with Elias Arega, who was indicated as the owner of the house selected for the outgoing president.
Sources claimed that the house is fully equipped with the necessary amenities that suit an outgoing president. The deal also mentioned every goods that will be rented in detail.
Sources did not mention about the location of the residential house but they confirmed that it is in Addis Ababa.
The ‘Proclamation No. 255/2001 Administration of the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’ states that the government have to deliver up-to-the standard residential house and other facilities for the outgoing head of state. The other proclamation issued in September 2009 stated that the government will provide benefits for outgoing head of state, heads of government and other top government officials.  
Based on that the Office of the President, which is commonly known as ‘Palace Administration’ is now in the process of renting a residential house for president Girma, who will be completing his two, six-year terms.
The Office of the President has confirmed that it is assessing houses that are worth for an outgoing president.
“The proclamation states that an outgoing government official has to get full benefits for their service during the rest of their life. Due to this fact we are looking for a proper house that suits president Girma, who will step-down from his position in the beginning of October,”  Gebru Abraha, Public Relation and Communication Affairs Head of the Office of the President told Capital.
“We have been assessing about five houses in different parts of the city to select the one that meets the standard” Gebru added. “We did not come to any final decision but in the coming week we will finalise the process.”.
However the head confirmed that the house of Elias Arega is one of the short listed places.
Officials at DARO declined to comment about the issue saying that it is the secret between the two parities.
President Girma, who is also popular on his environmental activity, has severed for the last 12 years. According to the country’s constitution the president shall not be on the position for more than two terms or over 12 years. He is the first president that managed to complete two terms after the constitution was ratified. The first president Negaso Gidada (PhD) only served one term and resigned in 2001.
According to the proclamation number 653/2009 under article ‘Rights and Benefits of Outgoing Heads of State and Government, Senior Government Officials, Members of Parliament and Judges Proclamation’ an outgoing President, Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister shall be provided with a residential house having four-to-five bedrooms, the administrative costs of which, including remunerations of housekeeping staff, shall be covered by the government.
The proclamation also states that that an outgoing President, Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister and his family shall get local and overseas medical services at the expense of the Government.
“An outgoing President, Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister shall be provided by the government with three high standard transport vehicles,” the 2009 proclamation also states.