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Cost to be covered by the Ethiopian government

As part of the fourth road service development program, a bridge is to be constructed over the Bahir Dar-Zeema River, part of the Felegebirhan-Bahir Dar road project. A building contract has been signed between the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA) and the Sino-Haydro Corporation Ltd. on September 9 to this effect.
The road is located in the Amhara Regional state and stretches for 91km. Previously, the road was covered by gravel, but taking into consideration the road’s economic and social significance, plans have been made to upgrade it to asphalt-concrete.
The bridge project will be undertaken by the international Chinese contractor Sino-Haydro Corporation Ltd., which won the bid worth a little over 1.23 billion birr. Net Consult Consulting Engineers have been awarded the advisory and supervisory role.
The planned road construction, of which the bridge is part, includes the building of three big bridges, the reconstruction and strengthening of more than ten existing bridges, and the building of drainage systems and other structural works. 
As per the agreement, the road will be constructed in three year’s time. It will be 30 meters wide in towns and 10 meters wide in rural areas and shall be fully covered by the Ethiopian government.
In related news, as per the previous construction agreement, the Dejen-Felegebirhan road project, which is also part of the Felegebrhan-Bahir Dar road, is currently underway.
The Bahir Dar-Zeema River Bridge construction is expected to alleviate transportation problems in the region which doesn’t yet have sufficient road infrastructure, and will contribute to connecting of the Eastern and Western zones of Gojam. In addition, it is expected to create job opportunities for people in the surrounding areas.
Meanwhile the Felegeberhan-Bahir Dar road project will inter-connect five woredas and four city administrations in the two zones of Gojam. The city administrations include the woredas of Enarj-Enawga, Goncha-Siso-Inese, Hulet Eju Inese, Yilma Ena Dinsa and the surroundings of Bahir Dar plus the city administrations of Debrework, Gendewoyen, Mota, and Adet in Eastern Gojam.
The construction of the road is expected to have a positive impact on the society in the form of strengthening markets and expediting the exchange of goods and services.
During the signing ceremony, Zaid Woldegebriel, Director of ERA, who represented the government, signed the agreement with the Chinese Sino-Haydro Corporation ltd., which was represented by the construction project manager, Mr. Xiang Taofeng.
Team (AT) to collect, verify and analyze MPI (Material Project information) for the project.