Addis Chamber launches television program


The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AACCSA) is to start broadcasting its maiden television program, aimed at creating a well informed and vibrant private sector, on Saturday 21 September on ETV3.
According to Getachew Regassa, Secretary General of the AACCSA, the private sector of Ethiopia is in its infancy and needs lots of help in different areas. “In this very integrated and developed modern trading world, information is amongst the very decisive needs of the Ethiopian private sector,” he told Capital.
The television program, which was officially launched on Saturday September 7 and is planned to air on September 21, is set to play a very vital role in filling this need of the private sector, according to Getachew. 
He said that the aims of starting the television program are not only to have a well informed and vibrant private sector, but to create modern trading practices and promote trade integration, and to promote investment, among others, according to Getachew. “Furthermore, the television program will contribute in attracting and bringing in foreign direct investors,” he explained.
The television program, which is comprised of four components, including pioneers of business in Ethiopia, a roundtable discussion, interviews with CEOs and a business report on major local and international business issues, will start on 21 September.
The hour long television program will run twice a week: 2:00-3:00 pm on Saturday afternoons and 4:00-5:00pm on Tuesdays afternoon (repeated). 
Getachew said that the chamber chose ETV3 as it is difficult to get an hour long chunk of air time at other television stations. “We want to have a very predictable, sustainable hour long program. And that is why we chose ETV3 for it,” he told Capital.
He said they are not worried about the visibility of the station because they can attract their audiences by making the program interesting.
The production has tentatively been outsourced. “We will build our own production facility and studio in the future,” said Getachew. 
Getachew told Capital that the television program will cost the chamber 1 million birr annually, and that the chamber itself will cover the costs.  The chamber also expects sponsors and/or advertisers to contribute to the program.
The Chamber concluded an agreement with the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency for the transmission of the program in February of this year. The agreement is subject to renewal in three months time.
AACCSA has been running a 30-minute-long radio program on FM 96.3. On top of the television program it also plans to establish its own FM radio station, as part of its five year strategic plan.