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The annual diplomats’ conference stressed the need to increase economic diplomacy in an effective manner for the current budget year. New strategies focused on approaching individual foreign investors to make investments in the country. The annual conference, which is convened every year to evaluate past performances and plans for the future, was held at Ghion Hotel on Sunday Sept. 8 and lasted a week. Dina Mufti (Amb.), Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), told Capital that the conference was successful in effectively evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of Ethiopian embassies all over the world.
“Our evaluations have shown the successful achievements of some embassies which can serve as benchmarks for others for future and overall success,” he said.
According to Dina, economic, public and political diplomacy are the major strategies that are followed by Ethiopia in the arena of international diplomacy.
On the economic diplomacy front, the conference evaluated accomplishments in business, technology and investment relations with countries that were carried out through the embassies. “Organizational, management strategies and works accomplished have been evaluated in detail, including barriers faced internally and externally,” he added.
In the past few years Asian countries, especially China and India, have become main economic allies of Ethiopia by investing in the country’s development projects, although relations with other countries like Brazil and Turkey have been developing in recent years. MoFA said it has carried out the job of attracting investment and strengthening strategic partnerships effectively in the previous budget year and will expand it in the current year.
On the occasion, Tedros Adhanom, Minister of MoFA, pointed out areas of focus for the foreign mission for the current budget year.
The government set new directions that will enable it to identify and attract investors and facilitate their smooth engagement. Based on these strategies, Ethiopian embassies are expected to locate and attract individual potential investors rather than use general lobbying strategies.
A strong public diplomacy approach using the services of media personnel, authors and other artists, among other ways, will be utilized this year.