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The National Lottery grossed 29 million birr in profit from the New Year holiday lottery ticket sales. The tickets with a first prize of 4 million birr were sold out a week before the actual date of the winner’s announcement which was on September 10th.
“This year the lottery tickets were sold very fast. It was sold out a week before the draw and people were complaining as they couldn’t get it on the streets,” said a source Capital spoke to at the National Lottery Administration.
It was stated that usually lottery tickets for major holidays, especially the New Year, are sold out fast as people, more than any other time, are more inclined to buy lottery tickets. “Same time last year was a different story, ticket sales were slow as it was around the time of the death of former PM Meles Zenawi,” the source stated.
The National Lottery Administration recorded a 107 million birr net profit from national lottery sales in the budget year that just concluded. The Administration had distributed over 149,000 New Year lottery tickets that were available on the streets for two months.
As the lottery becomes more popular, the infrastructure for the collection, distribution and vending of the game tickets has also improved. The National Lottery Administration currently has over 46 branches that are under the direct supervision and leadership of the head office and well over 69 agents.
Agents that sell the lottery tickets are bound by the terms of their agreement with the Administration to undertake sales in the area they are appointed to and they get 20 percent commission from each ticket they sell.