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The concert that was meant to be held on Ethiopian New Year’s Eve has been postponed until September 21st due to several problems, organizers stated.

The concert features P-Square, Nigerian artists and twin brothers who have recently attracted global attention, performing along with a number of Ethiopian artists.
“The situation was just out of our hands. We tried really hard to make it happen but in the end we have to admit we couldn’t. That is why we are announcing today that the concert has been postponed until the 21st of September,” Geta Mekonnen, Senior Creative Director of Astar Communication and Advertizing said.
There are claims that among the reasons that caused the concert to be postponed was the failure to wire payments to the Nigerian artists on time.
“It was just a difficult situation we were in. It was not just one problem, there were a number of problems which in the end led to this decision. We are upset that this unfortunate incident disappointed people. In the beginning we thought of moving forward with the concert minus the foreign artists but we thought that would not be fair. That is why we decided to move the concert to a later date so those who bought the ticket will get the full experience that was promised to them,” Seble Wores from Qana Entertainment stated at a press conference held on what would have been the day of the concert at the Millennium Hall.
P-Square are currently on a North American tour and organizers of what was meant to be a New Year’s concert stated that the artists were supposed to make a special trip to Addis Ababa for the big event. It was said that the artists would fly from Vancouver, Canada to Ethiopia, before flying back to resume their tour in the United States. “Flight logistics became a challenge as the singers, as it turns out, did not have enough time on their schedule to make the trip. That is one problem among others,” says Seble.
According to some sources, the artists had had another concert to play in a club located in Washington, D.C. called Love, on the same night that they were supposed to perform on New Year’s Eve in Addis. At the last minute press conference, the organizers presented the media with a video from P-Square, in which they senttheir apologies for not making it to Ethiopia in time for the concert for reasons they didn’t mention.
The concert is being organized by Astar Communication & Advertizing and Qana Entertainment. It  is also sponsored by Meta Abo Breweries among others. Organizers say the tickets that were sold will be reimbursed or exchanged for new tickets.
P-Square is allegedly receiving 200,000 USD plus other expenses, although the organizers said they would not comment on this as it is a confidential contract between the two parties.