Coca Cola winners Netsanet & Gemechu travel to Brazil


Gemechu Edo and Netsanet Gudeta  won the Coca Cola Road Race 3rd edition each taking home 50,000 Birr prize money and a trip to Brazil to take part in the coming Sao Sylvester 15KM Road Race. Event Organizer Great Ethiopian Run announced it will launch Road Races in 13 towns this season.


More than 3,000 participants hit the road in the 2013 Coca Cola Road Race final leg on Sunday Sept. 15, which was so bright and colourful that many considered it a good omen for the Ethiopian New Year. The women’s version was a tight race from the start with Netsanet Gudeta, who was leading the table with 13 points, managed a tremendous victory over her adversaries to win the crown with a total 18 points. “I am happy winning the race. I need to work harder to fulfill my dream to represent Ethiopia at an international level.” Remarked Netsanet, who took home the 50,000 Birr prize money. Worknesh Alemu finished as the runner-up with 14 points to collect the 25,000 Birr prize money while Etalemahu Zeleke received the 12,500 Birr prize money for finishing third with 10 points.
The men’s event was a close contest for both Gemechu Edo and Yehunelgen Alemu, each collecting an equal 18 points, but Gemechu was declared the ultimate winner for clocking the best time. The winner took the 50,000 Birr money prize while Yehunelegn settled for the runner up spot collecting 25,000 birr. Defending champion Berhanu Legesse finished third, collecting 12,500 Birr in prize money. The Great Ethiopian Run partner Ethiopian Air Lines gave round trip tickets plus expenses to send both winners to Brazil to take part in the 15 KM road race in Sao Sylvester. Participants that finished up to tenth also collected money prizes making the total amount of the prizes 250,000 Birr.
According to records, the Great Ethiopian Run has organized eight 7KM road races so far bringing together more than 21,000 participants. A new addition to GER’s busy schedule is on the horizon, that being the launching of the Haile G/Selasse Marathon in Hawassa  with 150 renowned foreign athletes already registered to take part.