EFF executives coming election short of due attention


It is less than two weeks until the anxiously awaited Ethiopia football general assembly meeting convenes but it is amazing how the sports faithful are not making this big agenda the priority. No one, including media outlets, has made the assembly the hottest sports issue in the country, even bigger than the world Cup play-off draw. Many agreed that the incumbent Ethiopia Football Federation executive members are incapable of taking the sport to the next step and surprisingly, the members themselves accepted that truth declaring their resignation following the big blunder that almost denied Ethiopia a place in the World Cup qualification play-off.
Individuals should have appeared in public to announce their intention to run for the office. The premier league clubs and regional Federations should by now have announced their candidates. The Sport commission and Ethiopian Football Federation should have been busy publicizing the election so that it  gained momentum. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening currently. The once vocal sport Media appears to have forgotten that the election is taking place in October, thus the public must join the efforts to ensure a successful election. I don’t understand the big fuss about facing Nigeria in the play-off once the draw was announced. Due preparation for the big showdown must be underway soon, period. Rather, the soon to come election is the most important issue at hand, thus everyone concerned needs to get focused on that.
Well it is very common in Ethiopian Football to watch from afar whenever a big election is taking place, then to start back biting, naming, blackmailing, cursing, blaming, hating ETC for those taking the driver’s seat at the federation. Cursing or naming personalities at the stadium, breaking and throwing chairs overboard or blackmailing individuals is not a solution for forming a strong committed federation executive body that could help the country’s football stay on course after what it has achieved in the past two years. Clubs should come together and provide advice on who is who. The media should tell the public how important the coming election is. Football fans must discuss among themselves who they believe could make a difference. One must not necessarily be a former sports man but rather someone who is a proven business wizard who changed ….into gold. Behold! Beware of those who live for their daily bread like most of the outgoing executive members.