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The first Hotel Show Expo-Ethiopia 2013 will be held from Oct 10-12, 2013 at the United Nations Center Exhibition Hall in Addis Ababa, according to event organizer Ozzie Trading.

Ozzie Trading Managing Director and the founder of the Hotel Show Expo-Ethiopia, Kumneger Teketel said during a press conference held on Monday, September 23 at the Radisson Blu hotel that the preparations for this expo took more than three years, and its main purpose is to create marketing linkages between stakeholders who are working in the hospitality industry, and save foreign currency that used to be spent to bring consultancy firms from abroad.
Furthermore, Ato Kumneger underlined the importance of routinely holding such trade fairs, at least every six months, in order to create strong ties between hotels and the tourism sector, as well as providing know how to organizations/individuals just entering the industry who are starting from scratch.
It’s expected that, more than 60 service providing organizations and equipment suppliers have registered to attend the expo. Among others, the participants include hotels, hotel architects, hotel consultants, hotel beverage suppliers, hotel equipment suppliers, hotel IT equipment suppliers, hotel operations equipment suppliers, hotels that are under construction, resorts and restaurants, hotel interior designers, tour and travel operators, and more organizations engaged in related activities.
The main activities scheduled for the hotel show include a trade fair (expo), special meetings and competitions, where an award ceremony will be held for those who performed well. The award ceremony is purposely formulated to encourage and show the hotel’s peculiar role, particularly in environmental conservation matters.
Obviously, those activities are designed to increase the productivity of the stakeholders and share experiences that they have gained through the use of modern technologies, as regards to the hotel and tourism industry. Moreover, the program is expected to create awareness about the problems of the industry, particularly as regards to the lack of a trained workforce in the sector.
Ozzie Trading is planning to hold a similar expo in East Africa sometime in the future.
According to recent sources, currently there are about 300 tour operators functioning in the country, as well as about 600 tourist standard star hotels providing full service in the country. Moreover, it is expected that about 324,600 tourists will to flock to the country by the end of 2008 E.C, generating about USD 167,000,000 during the same.
Front left: Expo to bring together many involved in the hotel business to share experiences and develop relationships.