EFF President Sahlu “Guilty till proven innocent”


Sahlu Gebrewold, the infamous president and the so-called ‘spokesperson’ of the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF), was suddenly unavailable for comments during the weekend for questions posed by one of the FM Radios and Ethiopian Television (ETV), even to defend himself from numerous and serious accusations and questions, including questions raised by the Federal Anti Corruption Commission (FEAC).
Both media outlets listed the number of catastrophic failures that occurred during the EFF executive body’s four-year tenure under Sahlu’s notorious leadership, and at the same time the efforts they had made to reach him for clarification, but suddenly he was nowhere to be found.
Some may see it as cold-blooded revenge for a comment the president once made about sports journalists in which he said that they were an ‘ignorant bunch’ who knew nothing about sports. But even his Vice President, Teka Asfaw, had confirmed in a round about way that the president had dictatorial tendencies and many important decisions had even been made without the knowledge of the executive body.
Of the many sins that were mentioned Sahlu had apparently committed were;
The awarding of a multimillion birr construction project to an individual by bypassing government procurement procedures;
Unilaterally deciding to furnish Hawassa Stadium with an artificial turf;
Without the knowledge of the EFF executive body, for unilaterally proposing to host the 2019 or 2021 African Cup of Nations final to the Ethiopian Sports National General Assembly;
Signing a letter authorizing Adama Town FC and Water Sport FC to be reinstated to the Ethiopian Premier League even though they were relegated, by proposing to increase the number of teams playing at that level, are among them.
The media indicated that such incidents showcase how he overrides and manipulates the executive body, and everybody else for that matter. What they found surprising, they stated, was that nobody cried out ‘foul’, including the Vice Presidents, Teka Asfaw and Berhanu Kebede.