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The Enigma of the ‘New’ and the ‘Modern’ is an exhibition that will open on October 22nd at the Modern Art Museum / Gebre Kristos Desta Center.
The exhibition is organized as part of a lecture series titled “The Changing DNA of Addis Ababa” that focused on the ever changing landscape and massive transformation that is going on in the city. During the lecture series, Architect Elias Yitbarek and art historian and critic Elisabeth Wolde Giorgis reflected on the dynamics of the city’s rapid social change and its implications as articulated by Ethiopian artists and architects.
It was stated that these changes have resulted in new social conditions. Watching these changes, Ethiopian artists and architects have become interested in capturing the changes of development and the reality of actual lives that have been challenged with these changes.
The four participating artists; Michael Tsegaye, Berhanu Ashagre, Mehret Kebede and Mulugeta Gebrekidan will be presenting their work concerning the urban development of Addis Ababa and its impact on the cultural identity of the inhabitants.
The curator of the exhibition will be Elizabeth Wolde Giorgis and it will last until the 19th of November 2013. Interested parties will have plenty of time to go see the artists’ works.
Most people living in Addis Ababa are fascinated by the rapid change that is currently taking place in the city. This exhibition is a good opportunity to see how others explain the changes through artistic works.
The exhibition is organized by the Modern Art Museum/Gebre Kirstos Desta Center, the Alle School of Fine Art and Design and the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EIABC).