Sudan-South Sudan Consultative Forum hold 6th meeting


The Sudan-South Sudan Consultative Forum (SSSCF), initially established as the Sudan Consultative Forum on 8 May 2010, held its sixth meeting in New York on the 27th of September, a press statement AU posted on its website said.
Participants of the Forum expressed their concern over the deteriorating political environment in the Abyei area and the risk that unilateral actions by Misseriya and Ngok Dinka communities will lead to security incidents. They called on the Abyei Joint Oversight Committee (AJOC) to resume its activities and provide necessary guidance and leadership for the rapid and safe return of refugees and displaced persons, a peaceful 2013-2014 Misseriya migration, and maintain Abyei as a weapons-free area.
Participants urged the two countries to implement the 20 June 2011 Agreement on Temporary Arrangements for the Administration and Security of the Abyei Area. They also urged the two parties to establish the Abyei Area Referendum Commission and refrain from undertaking unilateral actions and encourage implementation of such commitments.
The participants also urged the parties to urgently resume discussions over the 21 September 2012 AUHIP proposal, resolve and determine the final status of Abyei through a mutually acceptable arrangement. The participants re-affirmed the rights for Abyei residents to determine their political future, and the right of continued access for migratory populations.