Establishment discourse doesn’t want to recognize ‘amalgamated evil’ as a widespread systemically networked psychopathic/sociopathic behavior underlying many of our affairs. There had been some attempts, (particularly after WWI) to launch a vigorous formal discipline that investigates (scientifically) this important subject matter in earnest. The professionals who have had day-to-day dealings with all sorts of evil acts were the ones who tried to spearhead the initiative. However, the global power that be, didn’t like the way things were developing and promptly made a stop to the whole effort; the initiative was probably deemed ‘too close for comfort!’ Even today, the scientific study of evil is still shrugged off all over the world. The reason: systemic evil on a grand scale is one area where the states have a natural monopoly over its extensive use. But that was then!
Recently non-state actors, not only those vying for state power, have also entered the fray and have started executing large-scale evil acts. A game of tit-for-tat with the states, as in the current case of imperialism vs. terrorism! The underlying drive towards evil acts, at least at the level of the individual or group, still remains virtually unexamined. Further attempt to unravel (scientifically) the malady seems to unruffle the feathers of global dominant interests. It seems the rulers of the modern world system only want to gloss over the whole issue of psychopathy, sociopathy, ponerology, and other forms of serious mental illnesses, without acknowledging the role they play in facilitating the practice of massive evil acts. (Slavery, colonialism, apartheid, holocaust, Rwandan genocide, etc.) The received wisdom is only to recognize acts of evil (massive or otherwise) as a mishap in the scheme of general human affairs! We beg to differ! We believe the potential consequences of widely available/publicized knowledge about protracted evil prevailing in the workings of the modern state/world (currently implemented/pursued by the sickos) is what is actually hindering the flourishing of Ponerology-the scientific study of evil.
Connecting the dots of various ‘small evils’ (one may say, evilets) is how one stream of the ascending analysis of ponerology tries to understand widespread evil, with a view to its ultimate prevention. Almost all significant acts of evil, it asserts, are/were perpetuated on significant portions of humanity, are/were not done spontaneously and all at one place! Evil exists all over, but what is disturbing is; its systemic coordination and effective utilization in unleashing massive destruction/catastrophe (on the human beast) at a particular time & place. The increased scientific organization of such acts is what must be prevented if we are to survive as ‘civilized species.’ But this is anathema to the psychopaths/sociopaths who are effectively running the global show. It is through their institutions of higher education, medical professions, etc., the sickos have managed to systematically muzzle enlightened critic on the whole subject matter of ponerology, at least so far!
One recent study (UC-Berkeley) found a high level of correlation between psychopathic tendencies and achievements in selected areas/professions. For example a person with a highly elevated psychopathic/sociopathic tendency has a better chance of success as a CEO, banker, politician, lawyer, etc. than a more ethically inclined individual. Other individuals with similar behavior, but without the intellectual wherewithal, (to maneuver their way around) tend to end up in jail! In other words, they were not smart enough to hide their criminal tendencies! The finding that associated psychopaths to higher echelons of society is not really very surprising, at least to the inquisitive types, since criminality whether legally found out or not, abounds in public offices, public companies, etc.
In fact, where the accumulation principle is elevated to a status of religion, (now almost all over the world) there appears to be a systemic built-in network to weed out ethics and all rounded decency from the various walks of lives. In this regard, higher education, global media, entertainment (sports, movies, etc.) etc. are all playing their assigned roles in furthering systemic evil across the board! For example, business institutions are inherently biased towards the aggressive/predatorial types, euphemistically painted as assertive. Naturally the military is interested (at least when it comes to field combatants) in the chronically sick. Here is what an old teacher advised as antidote to comprehensive evil: “You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul.” Mahatma Gandhi. Good Day!