Ethiopian Cargo ranked 43rd out of Top 100 global operators

Ethiopian Cargo has been ranked 43rd by revenue out of the Top 100 global operators. Ethiopian Cargo,

which is the largest in Africa, was ranked in a survey by Airline Business Magazine, a publication of Flight Global, an aviation brand. The company also said it aims to be the leading cargo service provider in Africa by transporting 820,000 tons of cargo every year.
Ethiopian Cargo was also ranked 49th by traffic by the same magazine. It was stated that it is supporting the economic and trade growth of Ethiopia and Africa by transporting perishables from the continent and bringing back high-value goods. “We are very pleased to be ranked among the top global cargo operators. Our Cargo business is facilitating trade within Africa as well as between Africa and the rest of the world. We are supporting the growth of Ethiopia’s exports of perishables, such as horticultural products, by availing state-of-the-art freighters like the B777F and modern storage facilities,” said the PR office of Ethiopian.
It was also stated that, as Ethiopian is going forward in line with its Vision 2025, it has restructured its Cargo division as a full-fledged profit center to better tap into enormous opportunities offered by the African market and to better serve its customers.
Ethiopian Cargo operates six dedicated cargo freighters. It is the first in Africa to own and operate the B777F, which has the ability to connect any two points in the world non-stop, carrying 103 tons of cargo with reduced fuel consumption and less emission.
Besides its cargo hubs in Liege, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Dubai, Ethiopian recently opened a second cargo hub in Lome, Togo.

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