Government’s Policy Advisors expand Tedros Hagos appointed as the fifth advisor


Tedros Hagos, one of the ten executive members of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) is appointed as the fifth policy advisor of the Prime Minister with a ministerial portfolio.
A week ago Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has appointed two veteran members of Ethiopian Peoples Revolution Democratic Front (EPRDF), Kassu Illala, former ambassador of Ethiopia to Belgium and the EU and Abay Tsehaye, former head of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, as policy advisor with a ministerial portfolio.
About three months ago the Prime Minister had assigned Bereket Simon, former head of Government Communication Affairs Office, and Kuma Demeksa, former mayor of Addis Ababa, as his policy advisors. Until the latest appointment of Tedros, the four policy advisors are representatives of the four founding member parties of EPRDF.
Tedros, who mainly worked in Tigray regional state including as head of the regional Health Bureau, and has greatly contributed to the public mobilization of the past two elections in the region for his party. He has also served as the political division head of TPLF that is responsible for ideology.