Documentation office to be ISO certified


The Documentation and Authentication Registration Office (DARO), one of the more successful civil service offices, has surpassed its target for the first quarter of the budget year that ended October 10.
The documentation office has provided service to over 288,000 customers in the first three months of the 2013/14 budget year. During the same period last year, DARO provided service to 109,000 customers.
According to the report that DARO sent to Capital,the three month achievement is 115.4% of their target. According to the original plan, DARO hadbeen projected to provide service to 249,900 customers in the stated period.
In the past three months 141,384 cases have received service, while that number was 45,946 in the first quarter of last year. The documentation office, which is business oriented, indicated that the number is 112% ofits target.
The revenue that the office earned has also surpassed goals. In the stated period DARO wasable to earn 25 million birr, which is 131.5% more than the target. According to the report, a year ago DARO earned six million birr from the services that it gave to clients.  
DARO has become aleading civil service administration and hassigned a contract to be accredited for the international standard quality management system ISO 9001:2008.
On Sunday October 13 the office, which is under the Ministry of Justice, signed the contract with DQS Management Services Plc, an Ethiopian-based internationally recognized accreditation body, to commence the certification process.
YirgaTadesse, Managing Director of DARO, told Capital that over the past two years DARO has been working on the implementation of the international standard after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) for consultancy and training purposes.
“We approached the certification body after we successfully implemented the quality management system we have been working on in the past two years,” he said.
The head of one of the most successful government offices in the country, known for providing efficient services to the public, said that the accreditation body would commence auditing for certification in the coming week.
Previously, other public enterprises and companies in the country have received accreditation for the quality management system, but the current process for certification ofDARO will be the first for a governmental civil service organization.
He said that the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification is expected to be awarded to DARO after the audit is approved by a German-based quality management system organization.
ISO accreditation will grant international recognition to DARO. “While it is the legal body for authentication and documentation in the country, the new accreditation shall provide recognition to the Office at the international level,” Yirga added.
The accreditation process will cost DARO 140,000 birr.    
In the past few years, the office effected dramatic changes for the better in terms of the provision of services to the public and has become an example to other government institutions. DARO’s success is not only in terms of the volume of cases that it handles and completes per day, but its revenue has significantly increased.
Currently, DARO has 11 branches, including its Dire Dawa office