Customer sues company for faulty product

The litigation bench established under the Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority heard its first dispute case on October 24,  of a consumer alleging a private company has deceived him.
The plaintiff Mengistu Belachew claimed that the defendant Selam Electronics Plc, located in Nifas Silk Lafto Sub City sold him a television set that malfunctions.
According to the charge presented to the bench, Mengistu claimed that he bought a 14-inch Sony branded television set for 2,550 birr from Selam Electronics which he later found out is not functioning.
He filed a suit against the company on October 24 at the Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Division, an independent body in charge of adjudicating, imposing administrative and civil sanctions, and getting complainants compensated for damages they sustained.
Daniel Abebe, Senior Public Relations Expert at the Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority told Capital that the plaintiff claimed for a refund of the money he paid for the television set.
The division which comprises three judges nominated by the Prime Minister rescheduled the case for November 5 as the defendant did not appear at the hearing.
On November 7, the division will also see another case filed by ELSAM Impex Plc against GAD Electromechanical Plc.
ELSAM claims that GAD has caused it to lose 1.6 million birr by luring its employees and customers, according to Daniel. ELSAM claims that GAD’s action is unfair competition and as the Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Authority is set up to protect the business community from unfair market practices, it should take measures. The Authority will also protect consumers from misleading market conducts so as to establish a system that is conducive for the promotion of competitive market to prevent the proliferation of goods and services that endanger the health and well being of consumers, following the expansion of commercial activities, and to create the possibility that consumers get goods and services equivalent to the price they pay. The authority is formed to put in place appropriate practices based on free market economic policy of the country.
The Authority, established by the Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Proclamation 685/2010, may take administrative and civil measures-ordering the discontinuation or injunction of the act pronounced inappropriate, ordering the payment of compensation to the person affected by the act including taking any other appropriate measure that enables to reinstate the victims’ competitive position, among others-against any person who violates the provision of the proclamation and regulations or public notices issued to implement the proclamation

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