Abrham Kidane


Name: Abrham Kidane
Education: Diploma in Music
Company name: AB Music School  
Studio title: General Manager
Founded: June 2013
What it does: Provides instructions in musical instruments, offers vocal studio services and band service for weddings, concerts and other festivities
HQ: Gerji, in front of Roba Bakery
Number of employees: 7
Startup capital: 20,000 Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: To provide music services for people who want to take up music, either for entertainment or to make a career out of it
Biggest plus of ownership: It enables you to work hard and reap the benefits
Biggest strength: Making sure that I succeed in whatever I’m doing. When it comes to music, I always make sure that students are equipped with the appropriate skills
Biggest weakness: I am not good at socializing
Biggest worry: No worries so far
Favorite task: I enjoy playing the guitar and teaching others how to play certain instruments, sing or compose
Most challenging task: Every task has its specific challenges, but I don’t remember any that I hadn’t overcome 
Plan: To upgrade the school to college level and contribute to the development of Ethiopian music
First career: As a parking attendant
Most interested in meeting: Yanni
Most admired person: Yanni
Stress reducer: Teaching music provides you with a stress-free environment
Favorite pastime: Spending time with family and friends and taking a walk
Favorite book: All books used for teaching music
Favorite destination: Israel and Bahir Dar
Favorite automobile: Toyota Prado
Favorite film: “Asertu Kenat”, an Amharic movie