Good Governance, the next agenda for the government


The Good Governance Mobilization National Consultative Forum chaired by Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn vowed to achieve stricter good governance in all governmental institutions.
The forum aimed to enable all stakeholders at all levels to participate in developing transparency, accountability, fairness and honesty in the services that government institutions deliver to the public.
The PM said that senior government officials have to make every effort to free their institutions from corruption and promote good governance.  
In the one-day consultative forum held at the Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday November 7, officials from relevant government offices directly disclosed problems from particular offices.
During the forum five ministers highlighted the good governance bottlenecks of their respective offices.
Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Urban Development and Construction and Ministry of Water, Energy and Irrigation are among the institutions that discussed their challenges in the forum. They stated the problems related to their specific offices including electricity, telecommunication, justice, housing and other relevant issues and they also explained their plans to solve problems that are being raised by the public repeatedly.
Muktar Kedir, Good Governance Cluster coordinator with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service, said that offices have to implement the reforms in a proper manner to combat the good governance problems that their institutions face.
The network problems in the telecom sector, power blackouts across the country, and quality questions in the finishing works of housing developments are some of the major challenges that arose during the event.