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Ethiopia will remain committed to cooperate with the international community to bring about sustainable peace to Somalia in order to build up security in the region of East Africa,

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) affirmed.
Following the attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi that claimed the lives of about 70 people, the U.S government stated that al-Shabab is looking for soft targets because other targets are being made harder to reach following AMISOM’s success.
“The attack [just] showed us we need to bolster that strategy,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, said at an online press conference,which discussed the U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa. “We know we must continue those efforts to go after al-Shabab so that we don’t see those kinds of attacks happen again.”
At a regular press briefing held bi-weekly, Dina Mufti (Amb.), Spokesperson of MoFA, told journalists that al-Shabab is losing control both politically and militarily.
He agrees with Greenfield that al-Shabab’s current strategy of terrorizing softer targets shows that the group is becoming weaker, according to Dina. “But at the same time, al-Shabab is consolidating relationships with other international terrorist groups,” Dina said. “This escalates the security threat in the region.”
Dina said that the UN is going to deploy 4,000 additional peace keeping missions to Somalia. According to the spokesperson, Africa is due to contribute most of these peace keeping missions. “Africa is expected to contribute 2,500 peace keeping missions for this international peace keeping mission,” he said.
Dina affirmed that Ethiopia will be fighting extremist and terrorist groups by committing itself to this international cooperation as well as by retorting the basic questions of these groups. “The right questions that these groups use as a persona to terrorize the country, as well as the regions, is no more an issue for Ethiopia,” said Dina. “Equality of religions, ethnicities, and other issues are well answered in the country and this will improve,” he told journalists.  
Extremist and terrorist groups and organizations including al-Shabab in East Africa, al-Qaida and its affiliates in North Africa, Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony in Central Africa, and the Boko Haram organization in Nigeria are reportedly threatening African nations’ security