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A new technology that helps taxpayers store history without paper was introduced by Petram Plc on Monday November 11. This new technology will send Z-reports by itself, being a remedy for a lot of business owners’ anxiety.
The new technology, called Sales Data Collector (SDC),was developed by BMC International, a Japanese company that helped the Ethiopian government start its fiscal cash register program.
According to Abdulkarim Badri, Managing Director of Petram, this new technology will do Z-reports by itself. “Until now if you have a wedding ceremony or other social issues, you need to come to your business place and send a Z-report to ERCA,” he said. “This has been one of the major headaches of the taxpayers since the introduction of fiscal cash register machines with e-mobile, the solution which is being used currently. E-mobile is used to send information from businesses to ERCA. Abdulkarim said there are even those who recruit people just for Z-reports. “The new solution will resolve this headache of the taxpayers as it sends the Z-report by itself every midnight,” said Abdulkarim.
Furthermore, SDC enables taxpayers to store information for a long period of time efficiently and effectively.
“The SDC can store at least 10 million receipts,” Tetsuo Yamada, President of BMC International, told experts from ERCA, Addis Ababa University and Petram. “This might store data for businesses for 10 to 20 years depending on their size,” Abdulkarim said.
Whenever ERCA needs the information of that business, it can just send someone to take it, according to the Managing Director. “The information needed by ERCA can be downloaded but the person will not have access to read the data as it is scrambled, improving the security level,” he said. “Only those who are in charge of reading will have access to read it at ERCA,” he said. The managing director told Capital that if the owner of the business also wants to see the history, they can insert another SD card and print the data from there.
Abdulkarim said that SDC is cost effective asit doesn’t need maintenance. People are fed upwith maintenance because it costs both time and money, according to Abdulkarim. SDC is durable and maintenance free. Furthermore, the device is easy to install and operate. Yamada said the price of the device is 250 euro. “This is cheaper compared to the e-mobile, which costs up to 180 euro as the later is subject to redundant maintenance,” said Abdulkarim. However, Abdulkarim is hopeful that the price will come down as they are negotiating with the developer.
The managing director, who claims to have introduced the fiscal cash register machine together with the ERCA and to have hada monopoly on distributing it in the country for two years, said that he faced dissatisfied (and more) customers when the fiscal cash register machine operation started, according to him. “We have even been threatened by some because we helped the government start it,” he said.
“We didn’t do it just for profit. We wanted tax payments to be fair and transparent in this country. That is why Petram and other fiscal cash register machine providers were committed to do it.” “Doing it was a huge commitment. The profit margin is decided by the government. There are several obligations including entertaining those who bought the machine whenever they give us a call and recruiting technicians, among others. You don’t just sit down after selling the product. Furthermore, we are required to deposit one million birr just to get the license.”
Therefore, providers are always worried and anxious. “Nevertheless, I am happy to have done it because it contributes to the country’s development” he said.