A trip around the world at the Diplomatic Bazaar


So far, no other event brings together good music, good food and a special shopping experience from well over 50 countries under one roof than the annual Diplomatic Bazaar.
Organized by the Diplomatic Spouses’ Group Ethiopia (DSGE), the bazaar is filled with many fun activities for everybody. This year’s bazaar will be held on Saturday November 30th at the Millennium Hall with the familiar and ever vibrant assortment of activities such as concerts and dance performances.
The bazaar is one of those rare events held in Addis where people get to experience the mouth watering cuisines from different countries, buy cultural items such as art crafts, textiles, spices…etc and support a charity in the process.
Although some of the items that will be up for sale may be expensive, the organizers say it is for a good cause as 100 percent of the profit made from the sales will be donated to different charities that qualify under the guidelines of the DSGE. So far the Diplomatic Bazaar has been able to assist over 20 NGO’s through the profits made.
“Some of the items may be expensive because our embassies, especially the embassies of African countries do not get a budget to transport the goods from their respective countries to Addis Ababa for the bazaar,” said Sally Setilahy Razafimaloina, President of the DSGE at a press briefing held on Thursday November 21st.
Expensive or not, attending the event and just enjoying the food as well as the entertainment is as exciting as everything else. Make sure you attend with family and friends and spend a fun filled weekend