‘Angels & Demons’ exhibition opens


“I never thought my paintings would sell. The idea kind of scared me,” Emanuel Tegene once said. Like with most beginnings, Emanuel’s parents wanted him to pursue a practical career, but a calling is a calling. So, despite family pressure, the now artist did not resist being pulled into the world of art.

And so the fine artist came to be and now delights art lovers with his work. His latest exhibition, ‘Angels & Demons’, opened at the Alliance Éthio- Française  November 19th.  The exhibition that featured 36 paintings by the artist was curated by Aida Muluneh, an Ethiopian photographer, artist and curator raised in Canada.
Emanuel said his work is inspired by his views on his surroundings and most of his work is a reflection and a comment on society, which is clearly visible in his work.
According to his biography, the artist briefly immigrated to Israel to join his father who was living in Jerusalem. He took Hebrew course for a year and learned enough to be able to communicate. Since his return to his home land, Emanuel started to focus even more on his art.
He has been part of several exhibitions such as the Art of Ethiopia exhibition, African Aesthetics exhibition, Café Town art show and the Art of Memory, among others. Emanuel says he hopes that through his work, he is able to show the international art community that contemporary art from Ethiopia can echo the changing cultural dynamics of the new generation of artists from the continent.
The exhibition, organized by the Alliance éthio-française and DFA creative production company, will stay open to the public until December 3rd.