Teshome campaigns for Addis Chamber presidency


Lays out his election manifesto

Teshome Beyene, expected to be a major competitor in the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association’s (AACCSA) presidential and board member election, that is to be held on December 19, 2013, has come out with an official election manifesto for his presidential campaign.
Members of the association have submitted the names of nominees for the presidency and board membership positions. Information from the AACCSA indicates that prominent individuals and business leaders have been recommended for the presidency and the board. And some of the nominees have expressed interest in being part of the new administration.  
Teshome, one of the strongest competitors in the upcoming election for president, expressed his interest in leading the Chamber for the next two years and has commenced his election campaign.
According to information obtained by Capital, Teshome, who served as secretary general in the AACCSA and in other chamber positions for over eight years, has already prepared his election manifesto, which contains six points.
“I have already started my campaign and I have also distributed soft and printed copies of the manifesto,” Teshome told Capital. He said that he prepared the manifesto to compete in the election with a clear strategy and goals and to inform the members about his stand if he is elected to the position.
Teshome is the only nominee who divulged that he wants to run for president, while the other candidates have not yet put themselves as a nominee for the election. He has also presented his plan for potential voters in the financial sector. He told Capital that he plans to meet other sector actors before the election date. “The financial institution is the backbone for the chamber and also for the private sector; that is why I give them priority in my campaign,” he explained.
The first point of the manifesto, ‘developing a private sector strategy paper’, has attracted interested people in the field. On that point Teshome talked about his future work if he becomes president, “there is not a clear strategy and future plan for private sector development, due to that the government and the private sector that is represented by the Chamber have to work and set the detailed strategies that give a clear idea about the private sector development and future achievements in different sectors,” he told Capital.
The manifesto stated that it is common knowledge that the private sector in Ethiopia has not yet attained the much heralded role of the ‘engine of economic growth’. The manifesto stated that a private sector strategy paper was prepared by AACCSA in 2009.
“The paper, however, was not widely disseminated; nor was it a subject of deliberation with the government. For this reason, it was not adopted as a private sector strategy paper by the government,” the manifesto explained. It clarified that hence, one cannot overemphasize the need for a comprehensive strategy document to guide the collective efforts of the private sector and the government. In his manifesto Teshome explains his plan that the new document will have to be a self-contained strategy or road map paper to rally all concerned around the unique role of the private sector.
The nominees’ registration ended on Friday November 15 and the election committee is expected to select the nominees according to the criteria and see if they can continue in the election process or not and as well as approaching the nominees to find out whether they are interested in running or not.
According to the information, Israel Kassa, owner and head of Africa Beza College, Tsehay Shiferaw, president of Awash International Bank and also member of the current AACCSA board and Elias Genete, owner of Agro Prom, mainly engaged in the import export business, are some of the nominees who have been recommended for the presidency.