Theatrical performance at its best


Faustin Linyekula, a Congolese dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance says that he is a storyteller; and he does tell stories, through his theatrical performances. People got to see the artist perform right here in Addis Abeba at an event organized by the Alliance éthio-française on Thursday.
Entitled “Le Cargo”, the performance finds the artist recalling his first memories of art. His dance is described as a process of him trying to “learn how to dance again”.
He wants to find the answer to the question of what it means to dance, and his quest for an answer takes him back to Obilo, the village in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he spent part of his childhood. During the old days, Obilo held dances for every occasion, but those he was seeking were exclusively for adults, the “night dances” he could only listen to as a child.
During “Le Cargo” Linyekylamoves, narrates, sings, and makes jokes; he takes his audiences on a journey of self-exploration and a search for one’s identity. Contemporary dance in Ethiopia is an art form that is yet to be understood and appreciated by many. It is an art form that can perfectly express deep emotions through symphonic movements and it can tell stories effectively. That is exactly what “Le Cargo’s” sole star showed through his performance