France supports Eritrean refugees

After the Lampedusa tragedy that claimed the lives of 360 people, including many Eritreans, the Government of France, via its embassy in Ethiopia,

extended 550,000 Euro to the UNHCR.
Despite the huge support from the government of Ethiopia and the UNHCR, many Eritrean refugees, most of whom are young, single, men with urban backgrounds, find it difficult to adjust to life in refugee camps. These refugees, only 30 percent of whom are women, have very limited opportunities for self-reliance and for post-secondary education. This continues to frustrate them.
They therefore try to venture out of the camps and cross the Ethiopian border to head to European or Middle Eastern countries, with only few of them making it to their destination. Many end up in tragic situations like Lampedusa.
The French embassy, extended this money to be used by the UNHCR to enhance the delivery of international protection and critical services to Eritrean refugees in Tigray Regional State, according to Brigitte Collet, Ambassador of France to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative of the EU in the African Union. She said that the money will be used to save Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia

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