Alle will only serve businesses


The Ethiopian Trading Enterprise (ETE) that trades under the name Alle will only serve retailers, cafes, hotels and restaurants that can produce renewed trade licenses.

Alle is set to roll-out its first cash-and-carry store in Addis Ababa by April 2014, with plans to expand nationwide.  
Alle said that, they will only provide service to  those who have licenses. In its statement sent to Capital Alle states that it will work with other retailers so that those retailers can provide service to the general public at a fair price, but Alle will not be serving public consumers themselves.  
The ETE that has an authorized capital of one billion birr, of which a quarter is paid-up capital, was initiated by the Ethiopian Government to be a commercially viable and privately managed business.
“It is neither a merger of existing organizations nor does it plan to merge with or be taken over by another organisation in the future” said a statement by Alle.
It was widely speculated that ETE would replace the current Merchandise Wholesale & Import Trade Enterprise (MWITE).
Alle which will become the first cash-and-carry chain in Ethiopia, will supply a wide range of quality food products at competitive prices. “It will ensure products are sold to consumers in a traceable and accountable manner and it will work on expanding stores and distribution centers geographically to ensure proximity and accessibility to consumers” reads a statement from Alle.
According to Regulation No. 285/2013, which legally established ETE, the enterprise will utilize information communication technology to ascertain efficient storage and distribution of products and transparency in the trading business.
Alle is also constructing three big warehouses at Merkato, Bole, and Akaki Kaliti areas that will be used as the first stores, Capital learned.
Alle is currently partnering with local and international suppliers to provide high-quality goods across the segments of commodities, beverages, packaged foods, personal care, stationary and other items.