Mine Minister, Amhara Region Chief become Ambassadors


Sinkinesh Ejigu Minister of Mines has been assigned to an ambassadorship. Her place is highly expected to be filled by State Minister of Mines Tolosa Shagi.

Sinkinesh Ejigu has been the Minister of Mines in Ethiopia since 2010. Previously she was the Vice Minister of Mines and Energy, starting from 1998 and the Department Head of the Central Geological Laboratory of the Ethiopian Geological Survey Institute, from 1996.
Sinkinesh is also the Chair of the Bureau of African Union Mining Ministers, leading the implementation of the Action Plan of the African Mining Vision (AMV). The AMV is Africa’s own response to tackling the paradox of great mineral wealth existing side by side with pervasive poverty.
In a related development Ayalew Gobeze who has been Chief Administrator of the Amhara National Regional state since October 2005 has left his post and is being replaced by his deputy Gedu Andargachew. Ayalew is also being assigned to be an ambassador as of  Friday December 20.
The Council of Amhara Regional State has elected Gedu Andargachew to become the new Chief Administrator. Gedu has been serving the regional state in the capacity of Deputy President and Head of the Agriculture Bureau in the region.
In his farewell speech, Ayalew expressed his gratitude to members of the Council for their support during his term as chief administrator.
The Council has also elected Binalf Andualem as deputy chief administrator.
According to the 1994 census, the region’s population was approximately 13.84 million. That created a lot of fuss while the federal government was allotting the budget.
About 85 percent of the people in the region are engaged in agriculture. The State is one of the major Teff producing areas in the country. Barely, wheat, oil seeds, sorghum, maize, wheat, oats, beans and peas are major crops produced in large quantities.