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Name: Azeb Getachew
Education: Diploma in Accounting  
Company name: Ge’ez Computer Clinic
Studio title: Manager
Founded: 2010
What it does: Maintenance and software providing
HQ: Bole Medhanialem, Next to Redwan Building
Number of employees: Three

Startup capital: 50,000  Birr
Current capital: Growing

Reason for starting business: Because it is a field I have experience in.
Biggest strength: Providing top notch customer service and finishing what I start
Biggest weakness: Running a business can be stressful at times
Biggest worry: The price of rent continues to increase and that concerns me.
Favorite task: Graphic design
Most challenging task: Buying supplies is a bit challenging

Plan: Making the business better than it is now
First career: Working in the accounting field
Most interested in meeting: Betelhem Telahun, Sole Rebels
Most admired person: Betelhem Telahun
Stress reducer: Watching movies and sleeping
Favorite pastime: Watching movies
Favorite book: ‘Berekerekta’ a translation of the book originally written by Daniela Steel
Favorite destination: I would like to visit France
Favorite automobile: Toyota, Prado
Favorite film: Six days and seven nights