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Nuclear energy or ‘God’ fire’ as we insist on calling it, is too dangerous and unwieldy a phenomenon to be managed by us, mere mortals. Our interest today is not to dwell on nuclear weapons, whose potential/actual devastations have been somewhat familiar to all and sundry; recall Hiroshima & Nagasaki! The interest today is on the so-called ‘peaceful use of atomic energy.’ As usual, we will try to deconstruct the dominant establishment narrative using the Fukushima Diiachi nuclear power plant (Japan) as the premiere illustrator!
To start with, all nuclear power plants are fission plants. The naturally occurring heavy element/atom Uranium 235, splits on its own, (fissile) releasing energy (by losing mass) a la Einstein’s famous E=MC^2. However, Uranium 235 doesn’t exist in abundance, it is only 0.72% of any naturally occurring uranium bundle. To have a sustainable chain reaction, a nuclear plant (for example, light water reactor) must start out with fuel pellets with adequately enriched uranium 235. Once that is obtained, the nuclear reaction inside a reactor can become critical or self-sustaining, i.e., the natural splitting from the uranium 235 can send another neutron to split another nucleus and so on and so forth.  In a nuclear reactor this process is controlled. Highly enriched uranium going through uncontrolled fission is what we call a nuclear/atomic bomb. From the outset, one must demystify the operations of nuclear power plants. What a nuclear reaction does is create heat energy from nuclear energy (inside nuclear reactors) and boil the surrounding water to generate steam to turn turbines to generate electricity. In other words, a nuclear reactor is only a glorified kettle to boil water!  
In dealing with nuclear energy one must appreciate the fact that nuclear debris left behind from nuclear fission is astoundingly complex to mange. Almost all of the nuclear wastes generated are radionuclides/radioisotopes, which are extremely dangerous to all life forms. This is because radionuclides pack so much energy they will obliterate the structure/composition of living cells (cancer/mutations)! Reprocessing of nuclear wastes hardly change radionuclides into stable/inert substances, as is continuously insinuated by establishment narrative. In nuclear reactions, we are not talking about combining elements via electrons (chemistry) to form other substances/compounds, or fiddling with DNAs to create new organisms (organic chemistry.) What we are dealing here is; changing/creating natural/man made elements (transuranic) inside nuclear reactors! These newly created elements have all sorts of characteristics. For example one of the isotopes of plutonium (Pu-239) has a half-life of 24,100 years! (Half life is the time to halve original quantity). This substance is so dangerous it has to be kept as far away as possible from anything that remotely looks like a life form for thousands and thousands of years.
So far, no satisfactory/adequate/cost-effective disposal system has been found for nuclear waste. As a result, globally accumulated nuclear waste has become a nightmare to all life forms! In many of the US plants, accumulated nuclear waste (in spent fuel form) in reactor buildings is much more than what was found in Fukushima! Now when it comes to technological wherewithal, Japan is way up there. But the Fukushima situation (to be frank) is and probably will remain beyond Japan’s and others capacity,  establishment rhetoric notwithstanding. Given this reality, why should any sane person advocate for some resource rich archaic kingdoms, literally with no technical capacity, to have nuclear plants in their territories? Predictably  their real interest is not to produce electric power from nuclear plants, but rather to harness the destructive power of nuclear energy to settle scores against their enemies of yore! (Nuclear power plant is the first phase of weapon making.) Talk about medieval thinking! Dimwits don’t understand that nuclear power is ‘God’s Fire’ that cannot be extinguished once lit!
The fallout from a nuclear waste/accident cannot to be contained within countries’ superficial borders/boundaries. God forbids, but if say one of France’s nuclear power plants go kaput, it is not only France that will be affected. Germany Switzerland, all ‘downwinders’ (to use the lingua of the destructive trade) will suffer, even though they have banned nuclear power from their territories. We believe it is time to globally ban nuclear power plants along with nuclear weapons. Unfortunately the sad reality of our world system is such that the powerful (USA in particular) continue to disregard the very Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) with impunity! On the other hand, when ascending countries start flirting with nuclear power, they cry foul! Hypocrisy at it best! The US just announced that it would set up two plants to produce plutonium at a cost of over a third of a trillion dollars!
When entities such as the Vienna based IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency-UN) were established, there was a feeling amongst well meaning people that there might be a possibility to harness nuclear energy for peaceful use, (such as the production of electrical energy) without jeopardizing life. Such views dominated the world of nuclear power for a while. However, accumulated results todate clearly indicate nuclear energy, in whatever its form, is not appetizing at all (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Three Miles Island, (USA) Chernobyl (USSR) and now ‘Fukushima’ (Japan.) If these technical giants can’t handle various nuclear situations, then how on earth can we expect others to manage? Of course it is only capital driven entities (not life driven ones) that are eager to go ahead with such insanity. In fact corporations are already in the process of putting up these plants in medieval kingdoms! We reiterate our strong opinion on the matter; for the sake of present/future humanity, nuclear energy in all its form must be banned across the globe!
It would be wise to recall distilled wisdom obtained from life-long experience preached confidently/emphatically. “I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it.” Father of the US nuclear navy & US Navy Admiral, Hyman G. Rickover. Good Day!