Superstar search continues


The Coca-Cola Superstars show launched its second season on Thursday December 26, at the Hager Fikir Theater. The TV series that is followed by many people will run for the next five months and has added four more cities to its talent search, increasing the number of cities to nine.The prize money is apparently a staggering half a million birr.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of season two of Coca-Cola Superstars talent competition. We at Coca-Cola are proud to take part in cultivating young artists and givingthem opportunities to develop their craft supported by a nationwide audience,” said Misikir Mulugeta, Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Ethiopia.
“We believe that the show will grant amazing opportunities to young talent and we are excited to help them develop their talents and spread optimism in their generation,” he added.
Registration for the show has two categories: music and group dance. All contestants are aged 13 to 29.