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The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission held a consultative meeting with consumer unions to talk about a draft regulation written by the commission that would form an anti corruption alliance. According to the draft, the alliance will make the fight against corruption stronger by using trainings and sharing experiences between the unions and the Commission. It also aims to help the unions become more efficient through transparency and capacity building.
The document states that the alliance is being founded by the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Ministry of Trade, Addis Ababa City Trade and Industry Development Bureau, Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority as well as ten consumer unions.
According to the regulation, members of the established alliance are expected to educate their community members as well as fellow alliance members on ethics and ways to fight corruption. It will also be a platform for the unions to have transparent and constrictive discussions about challenges they face.
The alliance has a structure of a General Assembly, Executive Committee, Chairman, deputy Chairman and Secretary.  The General Assembly will meet once a year and will be in session only if half of the members are in attendance.  
Through this and other alliances with different sectors  throughout the nation, the Federal Anti-Corruption Commission plans to sculpt a society that fights and becomes free of corruption.
The consultative meeting was held at the Ghion Hotel for two days on December 30th and 31st, 2013.