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The Documentation and Authentication Registration Office (DARO) has become the first civil service institute to secure international quality accreditation.
The office officially received the accreditation for the international standard quality management system ISO 9001:2008 at a ceremony held Thursday December 31, 2013 at Elilly International Hotel.
For over the past two years the office has been working on achieving international standards after it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) for consultancy and training purposes.
At the ceremony held in the presence government officials, including Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Civil Service Yirga Tadesse, Managing Director of DARO, the accreditation will help the office provide better services.
To get the ISO 9001:2008 DARO was audited by the German based DQS UL, which is a member of the International Certificate Network (IQ Net), via its local chain DQS Management Service PLC.
The accreditation has made DARO the first civil service institution to obtain this type of international quality certification in the country. Recently DARO was restructured and some argue that this has helped them enhance their operation.
ISO accreditation will grant international recognition to DARO.
“While it is the legal body for authentication and documentation in the country, the new accreditation  will provide international recognition for DARO,” Yirga recently told Capital.
The accreditation process cost DARO 140,000 birr.   
It has able to modernize the registration system, allowing customers to utilize services on its website. The office has reduced the waiting time for its consumers at the DARO office. DARO has also increased the number of branch offices.
Currently, DARO has 11 branches in Addis Ababa and one in Dire Dawa.  In terms of yearly performance the authentication office frequently surpasses its target for every budget year. For instance in the past budget year their attorney’s office has achieved 121 percent in terms of service provided for customers, and accomplished 110pct  from the cases expected to be handled by the office in the 2012/13 budget year. The office’s record indicated the revenue collected surpassed targets by 109 percent.