African countries whose societal organization was not accommodating enough to equitably integrate all and sundry within the modern political framework of the interstate system are facing formidable and seemingly intractable problems arising, for the most part, from what is now called ‘the resource curse.’ Given the gravity of the matter, one would think bold new approaches/initiatives to retard accelerating centrifugal tendencies would be seriously attempted, again by all and sundry. Instead, African states keep on adhering to old models of social organizations that have proved inadequate in almost all spheres of existence! The result; from Somalia to the Sahel, from the Maghreb to Mozambique, Africa on the ground is actively fragmenting, while its various states cry ‘African Unity’!
Invariably, the diverse protagonists in many of the increasingly destabilizing African countries seem to be focused only in the business of exploiting the available natural resources. To this end, the usual pretexts are used generously; religion, ethnicity & race. The ultimate beneficiaries behind the scene are the usual culprits, systematically and wickedly encouraging degenerate natives to do their dirty works for them. After all, it is when countries are weakened; resource can be had for a whistle, to say the least. Liberating schemes that can be leveraged to bring Africa’s diverse humanity closer under a more just and humane arrangements are systematically thwart- off as something unrealistic and archaic, mostly by the global power that be. Domesticated simpletons at the local level, lackeys for short, perpetuate such ill-conceived schemes to help their masters establish footholds in the resource rich countries of our continent, literally for crumbs. As planned; Libya, Syria and now South Sudan are all succumbing to the grand old plan of exploiters, new & old.  
The ‘neo-liberal’ ideology that has failed almost everyone in our world is still pushed by some of our learned idiots & paid lackeys as Africa’s salvation. This trapping is encouraged mostly by the instructions/teachings of entrenched interests via their so-called institutions of higher learning. Ditto local higher education! The systemic inequality that is bred by this useless model is one of the root causes of continuous destabilization across the world, of course including Africa. Niger, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic are only the latest victims of this lopsided economic scheme. The populous countries of Nigeria and Egypt are also in the same boat. Even Ethiopia, the other populous state, will not be spared if it continues to cater for oligarchs (both domestic and foreign) at the expense of the masses’ aspirations. Don’t forget, the ultimate objective of modern oligarchs who steal their ways from rags to riches, is to make sure the states are in their pockets, i.e., ‘state capture’! Ethiopia’s ruling party/government must swiftly make a stop to the palpable ambitions of these Mafiosi, if it wants to keep the peace and remain in power! Because and ultimately, it will not be possible for those criminally inclined goons to continue inhabit the arena of both politics & business. We say enough is enough!
Moreover, the subtle undermining of national capital cannot go on unabated, even if one buys into aspects of neo-liberalism. Extremely polarized countries, like South Africa, must make convincing & concerted efforts to balance the prevailing situation before it gets out of hand. The new crass culture created by excessive greed and mediocrity will not save the day anywhere on earth, the rhetoric of dominant interests aside. What must be encouraged across the board is a new global compact between capital and labor that is based on sustainability, democracy, equity and justice!
If one deciphers the figures that are routinely published by the global establishment as well as the compromised/improvised nation states of Africa, the talk about Africa’s GDP growth is very superficial, to say nothing about the inadequacies of the GDP index/parameter itself. To start with, the polarizing growth we all talk about is mostly of the old type, extraction/exportation of primary commodities, including the rarest of the world’s minerals; not surprisingly still called ‘commodities.’ To add insult to injury, this oft talked about growth has come about as a result of (mostly) crony capitalism. Grand/political corruption is, almost always, behind all significant projects, be them of the state or private. The rush to consumption, fuelled by the disproportionate expansion of the service sector is a result of massive credit/debt creation that will shortly come home to roost. Put together, the continent is now rife with all sorts of resentments/grievances that are on the verge of bursting the additional vents.
Beware! The African beast (human mass) is (increasingly) refusing to buy into the idea of trickled down economics. Our current turmoil/situation is only an indication of things to come. Unless African states try to right their persistent wrong moves, in all spheres of existence, the resultant cascading apocalypse will threaten, not only the stability of countries or even regions, but rather the stability of the whole continent! Signals are everywhere if one cares to notice. Here is what we caught, written on the backside of an ‘Isuzu’ truck.  “The stupid rich think they are the ones who created the poor.” Mr. Public Decry. Good Day!