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The Ministry of Trade (MOT) is about to take disciplinary action against traders who import sub-standard goods. In accordance with the requirements of the Ethiopian Standards Agency, the MoT supervises imports.
Only products that fulfill the standards of the country will be allowed entry to the country after the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Agency checks them using samples. Since July 18th, 2011, the checks the MoT did turned up traders that both passed and failed the standards. The ones that failed were let off with a warning.
A six month warning was given to 49 steel, soap & detergent powder importers by Tamiru Geno, director of Import, Export Product Quality Control Directorate at the MoT. But the action was delayed due to the lack of a structured system.
Now the MoT requires that traders bring International Quality Certificates given by a third party besides the checks that it does in the country. It will take disciplinary action on those that don’t fulfill either of those requirements.
The aforementioned 49 companies will be punished with a cancellation of their trade license and be forbidden from accessing foreign currency. The MoT believes that these measures will help create a just and free competitive market besides saving money for consumers by buying quality products.